No, it really wasn't photoshopped...

Turns out the photos I thought were fake really showed up in the live video of the debate:


Using a laptop from bed...

I've been wanting to build something like this for a while, and thanks to some tools I got as a gift and a bit of inspiration from the price of the product at lapdawg.com and its apparent inability to secure a laptop at this angle, I created an earlier stand with an inverted T shape that wasn't quite as stable as this newer version where I moved the attachment point to form a nice stable A frame without any bolts anywhere near the bed...


Bobby Ore Beginner Stunt Driving Class

It only took me five years to post the video of the stunt driving class I took....


Unboxing the Roland Fantom G8

Raw footage of my first ten minutes with the Roland Fantom G8. The background music at the start is the demo song loaded when the keyboard is first turned on.

Power on is 4 minutes in. The first sound that comes out is a bit unusual. I would have expected a piano like the A90EX this replaced.

I'm learning how to use this thing as you watch, sorry it's so boring, but since there is so little other info on the new Fantom G, I thought others might be interested in the learning curve.


Remote control iTunes with a web browser

screenshotIf like me, you happen to share an office and have speakers hooked up to one computer playing music all day, it helps if everyone else in your office can skip songs, pause, control volume, etc, so I wrote a quick little app. It's still pretty rough around the edges, but it lets you connect to port 8080 of the machine running itunes and acts as a web server that lets you control it.